Qlab Walk-in Climatic Test Chamber

Qlab Walk-in Climatic Test Chamber

QLab Walk-in Climatic Test Chamber can accommodate a huge space and enable people to enter the chamber.

QLab is the first and only Indonesian company that offers WHO & ICH (Q1A & Q1F) compliant with standard–compliant long-term stability tests and storage conditions in the long-term, intermediate, and accelerated study.

QLab is the first and only local company that can construct the walk-in climatic test chamber that has the best homogeneity of distribution performance. Temperature and humidity range are performed at ± 2°C and ± 5% RH. QLab Climatic Test Chamber also has a short recovery time after being opened. Desired temperature and humidity stability can be reached very quickly.

Fully Customizable Options

We make it easy for you.

QLab is proud to offer a fully customizable walk-in test chamber to fit your current testing operation and meet your special performance requirements. The benefit for you is a walk-in test chamber solution that truly optimizes your test resources, processes, and goals. We will happily work around your current situation to ensure your testing chamber is as efficient and effective as possible. And for sure, it lies within your budget as well.


QLab Walk-in Test Chamber projects included:

•   Designing, constructing, installing, and performing

•   Included DQ, IQ, OQ, and PQ


WTC General Features

·       Fully customizable options for design, volume, specification, and configuration

·       Wide range of temperature/humidity application : 20°C - 45°C ( ± 2°C)/ 50% – 80%rH ( ±  5%rH) or other applications

·       Display Color HMI Interface, 7inch (155 x 85 mm) Advanced touchscreen panel

·       Exterior & Interior Material : PU (Polyurethane) or PIR (Polyisocyanurate) 75 mm or 100 thickness

·       Stainless steel SUS 304 wire shelf, rack, and castors

·       More Alarm Notification

  • General Alarm
  • Temperature Safety Device
  • Low Water Protection for humidifier
  • Low level water container
  • Probe Fault
  • Feeding Fault
  • Supply Fault
  • Main Power Failure
  • Overflow

More event records
  • User login
  • Operating status of main components; cooler,main power,etc
  • Level switch container
  • Door open/close

·       Central Alarm System for alerting: when the Safety device is working, hmidity/temperature value is out of range, and low water feeding failure

·       The software fully complies with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and GAMP5, Features: data-logging, data storage, calculation of various humidity parameters, graphics functions

·       Testing products safety devices for overshoot temperature and electrical parts protection

·       Better Logging System: Online and Offline logging, completed with Internal memory 128 MB (saves 47,000 data records per MB card storage capacity)

·       Uninterruptible logging for better documentation; logging back up if power failure and logging back up if PC failure

·       RJ45 (Ethernet) communication

·       Networkable monitoring via RJ 45 with all QLab Products

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